Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps/Air Conditioners

Certain homes require ductless work due to the structure or preference. Luckily, technology has given us ductless heat pumps that are a wonderful solution. This system is perfect for Long Island homes requiring a ductless heat system, or for a room where adding additional ductwork is too costly or not even an option. Ductless heat pumps are small and offer the flexibility to heat and cool individual rooms.

One outdoor unit, depending on its size, can allow as many as four indoor air handling units to provide maximum home comfort. Becuase each indoor unit has its own thermostat, you can have each room vary in temperature, rather than an entire house on one thermostat, saving money and energy.

Ductless heating pumps (DHP) are constructed using a highly efficient heating and cooling system that allows for no traditional air ducts to be required. A DHP has a two-way pump which transfers heat between the inside and outside of the building, using a refrigerant to vaporize the compression cycle.

DHPs are not only for homeowners with no heating/cooling system, but are also available for those who wish to maintain their old heating units. The DHP will provide the primary heat, while the older source can supply additional heat.

Of course, a DHP only offers nothing but benefits. Installing a ductless heat pump in your home or office will reduce your energy expense almost by half. The energy required to operate a DHP is 25% to 50% less than a traditional air forced system. While the average cost of installing a DHP ranges, homeowners who choose to insall the system will save money down the road, with a DHP lasting 20+ years.

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